INHAABIT have a vision – to provide a leading Augmented Reality solution for the world’s largest brands. Their retail platform focuses on increasing sales, customer engagement and purchase confidence as part of the ecommerce process.

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 What opportunity has Covid-19 provided INHAABIT?

Covid-19 has resulted in customers spending more time at home. For retailers, this reinforces the importance of having a solid digital strategy and implementing new business initiatives to align with changing lifestyles. Augmented Reality will play a big part in this change, allowing customers to swiftly make online purchasing decisions, to understand how any product will suit their home, with accurate sizing to materials and colours.

How do you see innovation in Australia?

It’s very exciting to be a technology company in Australia, as we are moving very quickly compared to some locations. From our experience, large Australian retailers understand the importance of digital and Augmented Reality is already on their agenda for increasing customer engagement and sales. We’re proud to be able to use our technology to improve the online shopping experience, for both retailers and customers. Everyone likes to try before they buy – especially if they can do this from the comfort of their home!

How do you view the future?

The future of Augmented Reality is super bright with big companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon investing heavily in the technology – AR is the “next big thing” according to Tim Cook! The renewed importance on digital has been accelerated by Covid-19, but growth in this area is inevitable for every business. As a company, we’re excited to be in a fantastic industry and we can see that AR has the potential to change the way we do many things. 

The INHAABIT Founders are an ideal team - cofounders, deeply knowledgeable and always keen to learn. They are a pleasure to serve at EI.
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