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INHAABIT have a vison – to provide Augmented Reality retail solutions for some of Australia’s most well-known brands. Their solution focuses on increasing customer engagement and purchase confidence when buying online.

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 What opportunity has Covid-19 provided INHAABIT?

The current landscape has resulted in people spending more time at home. For retailers, this has reinforced the importance of having a solid digital strategy and implementing smart initiatives to align with changing lifestyles. Augmented Reality has become increasingly important, providing the perfect way to enhance engagement, allowing customers to realistically understand product sizing, materials, and options, when they may not be able to visit a showroom.

How do you see innovation in Australia?

Australia is moving rapidly when it comes to innovation and technology in areas such as Augmented Reality (AR). Many large retailers are investigating options and planning how AR can boost their ecommerce process. It’s incredibly exciting for us, to redefine the online shopping experience, help both retailers and customers create a better way to buy products and especially in unexpected times.

How do you view the future?

We wish every company the best and together we can make the future a better experience for our customers. It’s helped us see the world can change very quickly – our way of living, communicating, consuming content, and buying products has evolved. Technology and innovation are important, but we also shouldn’t overlook the simple things in life that we all may take for granted. 

The INHAABIT Founders are an ideal team - cofounders, deeply knowledgeable and always keen to learn. They are a pleasure to serve at EI.
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