Online Yoga with Ian Cresswell

Free Live Yoga Classes  – Every Mon & Wed | 7.00am & 5.00pm

Ian Cresswell will be hosting FREE live yoga classes via Zoom every Monday and Wednesday at 7.00am and 5.00pm

How’s it work?

Simple. 60 mins before class a Zoom link will be posted in this group. Roll your mat. Voila!

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Who’s it for?

EVERYONE, no experience necessary (beginners, seriously, no excuses!)

What do you need?

Yoga or exercise mat (if you don’t have one, don’t stress)

Yoga block (if you don’t have one a thick book will do)

An open mind!

Why do it?

1. Because you know you need it in your life

2. Helps reduce stress

3. It is an amazing ancient tool that can help transcend the crazy the world is finding itself in right now!

About Ian Cresswell

Ian’s yoga journey started in 2009 when he went along to a class just to try it out and was instantly hooked. He was surprised by how challenging the practice was while offering the real hidden benefit, self-discovery. From a young age, Ian showed a keen interest in sports and the human body, so naturally, he went on to study Human Movement, majoring in Exercise Physiology. Ian uses his knowledge of the human body to ensure every student regardless of their abilities has an amazing experience. Ian presents yoga in a modern and palatable way while still honouring and respecting the ancie



Request to join Online Yoga with Ian Cresswell Facebook Group

Still not convinced that you will benefit from yoga regularly, check out 13 benefits of yoga proven by science article from 

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