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Cotral Technology provides innovative Custom Hearing Protections (CHPs, also known as custom earplugs) to individuals exposed to noise and in particular to professionals to prevent Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (ONHIL).

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We asked the Cotral team some questions about how their business is faring in Covid-19 time.

How has COVID-19 affected the business?

Many of our customers either stopped their activities, restricted or postponed them. They put many of our meetings on hold and delayed their projects to equip their teams with our CHPs.  This has caused a significant impact to our revenue.  It has also impacted our plans, for example with the operational routines we had anticipated for our Monash interns. Like everyone else, we have had to adapt to different ways of working.

What opportunity has Covid-19 isolation given your business?

Every challenge brings opportunities. The present situation gave us the opportunity to review the way we work and become smarter and more effective.  It also gave us the opportunity to strengthen relationships with many customers.  We see that most businesses will have to adapt their current model so it is an opportunity for us to support and accompany them through these changes.  For us, it is also a great time to continue to highlight and educate users on the importance of hygiene in the workplace – a key argument for our QEOS custom earplugs which come with their convenient hygiene pack.

We want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the many workers and businesses which continue to work and ensure that the country does not stop.  This is the case for example for INTERPACK, a very innovative family-owned business providing food packaging including beer crown seals and wine screw caps to most of our favourite brands. This team has continued to work very hard and has had to adapt to a changing situation.  Another example is the BORAL quarry in Lysterfield who we have continued to equip. Their workers continue to work hard to ensure that construction and many related industries keep going.

Here are some replies we got last Friday when we checked on some cleints by text last Friday.

“Hi Laurent all is good am very happy with how well they work and how comfortable they are.” M

” Hi Laurent thanks for the message, yes my earplugs are perfect.” M

“Hi Laurent, I absolutely love them – best hearing protection I’ve worn, thanks for the message and stay safe.” A

“G’day, yeah all is good, thank you for asking, and the ear plugs are great. Thank you.”

“Hey mate. Thank you for the follow up. Everything is fine. Hope you and your family are well.”

“Morning Laurent, yes all well  and I hope the same for you and family. Earplugs are good. Happy with the amount of audible noise coming through. Thanks.” M

For us, receiving heartfelt feedback form real users is the most rewarding and motivating statement.  It made our weekend, and reminded us why we do what we do.


How do you feel about Innovation in Australia?

Innovation is a mindset. 

Challenges presented by nature, geography and history have meant that Australians had to be, and are, innovative.  We can see that today with the amazing science and technology competencies we produce, but also in many other contexts.

We are also innovative in the way we interact with each other, in the process solutions we come up with, in the more effective business models we develop and in the ways we respond to change and challenges. The bushfires and the COVID situation have demonstrated how individuals and communities can be innovative.

We also have plenty of great examples at EI!  

What change would you like to see in Australia as a result of the pandemic?

We’d like to think that we will learn both individually and nationally from this experience.  We can be better prepared and anticipate these situations.  It is not as though we do not know about pandemics or bushfires  We know well, and we have the minds, competencies and means to better address these events.  

We wish this time will provide all of us with the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and shortfalls, and put in place better systems and resources to anticipate and respond to crisis.  We are also hopeful that it will create renewed and positive dialogues on the many issues we, and most importantly, our childrens’ generation is facing.  

I believe our communities will come stronger out of the current situation.  I am optimistic because I know we can indeed create a brighter future!

@cotraltechnolo1 are such a delight to work with in our innovation centre. They never give up in their relentless service to help humans stay healthy and thrive.
Hear hear!
#optimistic and #hardworking the team are the epitome of a successful Australian Startup
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