ABOUT Access Ability Australia

Access Ability Australia are the founders and exclusive designers and distributors of Access Keys. 

Access Keys are accessibility guides that provide accurate and convenient information about accessing venues, events and programs. They include professional photos, supportive text, sensory guides that outline sensory elements of experiences, maps, visual communication boards and accessibility features..


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We asked the Access Ability Australia team some questions about how their business is faring in Covid-19 time.

How has COVID-19 affected the business?

COVID has had a major impact on the day to day operations of the business and a major impact on cash flow. Access Ability Australia’s clients operate venues that are currently closed or operating under strict distancing guidelines which means there is an extremely limited audience for Access Keys. 

We’ve had to temporarily cease future product development too, as a result of COVID lockdowns due to venues being unavailable for onsite Access Key assessment. 


What opportunity has Covid-19 isolation given your business?

Covid-19 isolation has provided with an opportunity to work on business development and growth as opposed to working on day to day operations and product development. 

Forced operational positioning has freed resource to enable us to commit and focus on projects that have been planned and pending, so that is exciting. We completed work on a prototype version of our all new AAA App and completed a new concept design for our website that will help to streamline the user experience.

How might your business / venture pivot as a result of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to extend our expertise to consulting services. Our team has a deep understanding of the disability sector and can offer practical advice to Governments and organisations in the sector. 

How have your families adapted as a result of isolation?

Most of our team have lived experience in the disability space. 

Isolation has resulted in great teamwork for our family units. We are all fortunate to work within similar industries with a focus on education and the wellbeing of the broader community. We have been able to collaborate, share ideas and strategies and all work together to help build for a brighter future for our nation post-COVID. 


#AccessAbilityAustralia are helping all people access all areas.

It's wonderful to see inclusion in action!. As startups, this cofounding team rock. They are collaborative, wise and adaptive. Every #LGA should hear of this team.

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