A note from our CEO, Danielle – 1st July 2020

The only thing we can predict is that it will be unpredictable!

Hi our EI Community

The only thing we can predict is that it will be unpredictable! And it doesn’t seem like that is going to change in the second half of 2020. If you are like me, you might experience a little anxiety around the unknown. Do take the time and care to find ways to deal with that anxiety.

One thing I can continue to predict is the ongoing support that our on-and-off-line community give to each other. And, as a result of that support, I know we’ll get to the end of these covidian times and be in a better place. I wonder which stories we’ll tell generations of the future. If you haven’t submitted your story to us to publish, please do so.

Thanks to the efforts of our team we’ve implemented robust health and safety protocols, collaborated and launched informative education programs and upped our digital game to stay in touch with you all. If you want to know how we are handling coworkers, external meeting participants or onsite workers, please reach out and ask.

And in the middle of it all, we’ve powered ahead with the refresh of the Tom Morrissey Building. The building of the event space in the Jessie Tait Building starts next week too. Good times ahead!

Happy EOFY and I wish you a confident launch to FY21.



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