We’re celebrating the success of GAP client, Furnicharge

Check out what our GAP clients have been up to during and post COVID-19 lockdown.

Introducing Tim Cochrane, CEO and Founder of Furnicharge and the creator of the Furnicharge Freedom Hub. Tim has recently been featured on Channel 7 highlighting the Freedom Hub on its uptake at Victorian Secondary Schools. Long before COVID-19 hit, Tim identified a need for green options that change working and social landscape through accessible facilities.

Tim Cochrane & Furnicharge recently featured on 7news.com.au

Tim has worked with one of our key Marketing Strategist Advisors, Tina Manolitsas this year in the Global Advisory Program.

Furnicharge is helping to foster meaningful and engaging community interaction which is a fundamental requirement for thriving cities & community open space.

The Freedom HUB is also much more than just community open space, it is also perfect for schools, coworking centres & major events.

We are proud to see our clients tackling the big challenges like getting new products to market.

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