Small Business Energy Saver Program

The Small Business Energy Saver Program provides a financial bonus for energy efficient upgrades for small businesses.

EI’s Jessie Tait Building is proudly one of the greenest in the region and it hosts the City of Monash’s Sustainability Team. They are helping businesses like yours and ours access rebates and bonuses when we upgrade appliances. And we’ll help our earth too, saving energy.

Under the Small Business Energy Saver Program appliances that can be upgraded under the program are:

  • Replacing room air to Spilt System Air Conditioning Unit
  • Upgrading Refrigerators & freezers
  • Upgrading Hot water Systems
  • LED Lighting upgrades
  • Solar Installations

The local government initiatives, Solar Savers and Energy Savers, are providing free advice about products, rebates, and expected savings.

Eligible business owners can also take advantage of the Council-backed suppliers that are delivering affordable, subsidised and, high-quality energy-efficient products.

Small businesses can apply for a bonus of up to $2000 for a range of eligible upgrades. With the bonus amounts, they can cut installation costs by up to 85-95 per cent.

The new equipment can save 15-25 per cent on annual running costs and allow owners to focus more on growing their business.

Not only does solar power and energy efficiency improve your bottom line and decrease your energy bills, but your business can also demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by investing in upgrades.

To register your interest, go to Business Energy Savers

Or you can contact EI to be connected with City of Monash’s team.

For further information, watch the Business Energy Savers Webinar


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