Secrets you need to know before you launch

FREE Before your Launch Masterclass | 27 August, 2020 | 8.30am

Program Overview

Prepare for this exciting new stage of your business and your life

What an amazing time in history to start your new business, launch a new product or design a new service. Some of the greatest businesses in history were founded during tough times and have gone onto greatness.

When ever big change happens in the world there is also┬ámassive opportunity and if you have the foresight and energy to act now then you have the very real chance of creating the business you’ve always dreamed about.

Of the several hundred product, business and service launches I’ve been a part of there are more than a few hard won lessons that entrepreneurs really need to consider before preparing to go to the market place.

These are the make or break factors in any launch and they are the corner stones of success or failure in business.

If you’d like to learn these lessons without the hardship, register for this masterclass today!

Date & Time

Date: 27th August 2020

Time: 8.30am

Location: online via Zoom (details will be provided when you register)

RSVP: 26th August 2020

About Your Presenter

Raised in a family of five boys, whether it was for the last chicken bone on the table or for the attention of the girls in the sleepy town where he grew up, Russell was born to compete.

While other marketing professionals run from competition, Russell seeks to work with companies deep in competitive arenas. Focusing on competitive business strategy and creating tactical advantages, Russell captures and secures markets for clients rather than forcing their business growth into ever-shrinking niches. Russell helps companies thrive in these spaces and has fun while doing it.

Troubled by a world that has become apathetic to the courage and passion of business founders, Russell’s mission is to re-ignite the spark of those courageous individuals and help them get back on the path of greatness.

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