New Year – New Team

The Eastern Innovation Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Allira Cundy as the new Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Innovation, commencing January 23.

Allira will lead Eastern Innovation through its next growth phase. She will bring her previous experience at EI and her wealth of experience in senior leadership, innovation, strategy design and strategy execution to her new role.

Allira has worked in multiple industries across her 20 year career, most recently focussing on innovation to deliver high impact outcomes. Allira is looking forward to the new challenges that are ahead to not only further grow Eastern Innovation as a business, but to continue the work of the team at Eastern Innovation in providing a place for startups to grow and prosper.

The team supporting Allira and the Board will include Henriette Basic, Liz Small and Devaki Rajendran.

Henriette Basic, the stalwart of Eastern Innovation, will continue her role as Executive Officer supporting Allira and the Board while also managing accounts and technology throughout the center. Henriette, with her 10 years experience at EI, will continue to be a valuable asset to the business and to Allira.

Liz Small, now our Engagement Lead, will continue her very significant work with Eastern Innovation’s clients – our founders and our corporate clients. All will continue to receive value from the knowledge that Liz has gained over her 35 years in the corporate sector, including those running her own marketing and event management business and from her past three years at EI.

Recently joining the team is Devaki Rajendran. Devaki is EI’s new Administration Assistant who will support our clients and staff as receptionist and will also be engaged in event set up and support.

We have a great team ready to kick new goals in 2023. The Eastern Innovation Board is looking forward to supporting this exciting team of talented individuals and what they will bring to the Centre in both the short and long terms.

A huge thanks to Liz, Henriette and individual Board Members for their collective participation in ensuring a smooth transition during the 12 weeks between Danielle’s departure and Allira’s commencement.

Please join us in welcoming Allira back to Eastern Innovation.

Darrell Mahoney | Board Chair | Eastern Innovation

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