Message from the EIBC Board | 15th April 2020

Hi EI Onsite Community

Earlier this week, I was thinking of what were the responsibilities of EI in the current, often confusing, environment.

You may be aware that EIBC Ltd is a Company limited by guarantee. Like all companies its constitution has an “Objects” clause. Ours reads, in part, as follows:

“To provide contemporary workspaces in a collaborative environment; offer support to, and create opportunities for, small businesses and the community; foster innovation; deliver engaging  business oriented programs; assist in improving the survival rate and commercial success of small businesses and , thereby, encourage investment and employment growth….”

The Board and I think that EI was successfully achieving its Objects before the coronavirus pandemic. We are now firmly focussed on continuing to achieve this for you albeit, for many, virtually and over the phone.

One of the great pleasures of being Chair of EI is watching you and your fellow businesses prosper.  Please take the assistance that EI will offer you in the weeks ahead as we love watching you grow.

Darrell Mahoney | Eastern Innovation  Chair

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