Virtual Address Membership Renewal Form

Eastern Innovation (EI) is a leading Australian community for founders of successful, high-growth, future-focussed businesses. Our membership offers access to our facilities and spaces, events, ecosystem, mentors and the broader Monash Precinct. 

To renew your Virtual Address membership, please complete the details below. By ticking that your have read our terms and conditions and submitting this form, you agree to recontract with us for another term. Payment will be processed from the payment card in your Proximity Space account. All paid invoices will be logged in your account for easy access. To login to your account, go to: Proximity Space Login

*The Virtual Address service is a recurring membership that will need to be setup by our team. Members are generally invoiced on the 1st of the month (in advance) on a recurring basis. Please notify us by email prior to the end of your membership renewal date if you would like to opt out. No refunds will be given for late opt out notice.

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