Leading teams and tribes through change

24th April 2020 | 10.00am-1.30pm Webinar on techniques and tips for leaders and managers to better lead their teams through periods of change and ambiguity.

About this Event

Managing change within teams; lessons from fast-paced high growth sectors.

The world is changing. Fast.

Many teams, businesses and entire industries are being disrupted, leaving many leaders and managers feeling rushed and pressured to find new ways of managing their workforce in a world of social distancing and remote working.

This period of altered work practices requires modern leaders to use a modern toolkit of techniques to build teams and tribes that don’t just survive change, but thrive from it.

During this webinar we will share our Modern Leaders Toolkit : a toolkit of interventions for building high-performing teams, adapted from the most innovative high-growth companies in Israel, Silicon Valley, Germany and the UK, and backed by the latest scientific research.

Specifically, covering:

  • Our tribal theory of modern leadership
  • Techniques for managing team communications and meetings
  • Techniques for building intra-personal team relationships
  • Techniques for improving team and individual performance
  • Techniques for dispute avoidance (prevention rather than resolution)

The webinar will include approximately one hour of content and then Q&A time.


This webinar will be hosted by Peta Ellis & Aaron Birkby co-founders of Tribe Global, who have spent the last seven years working closely with entrepreneurs who are building innovative high-growth technology companies around the world. They’ve also worked with large corporates like Google and YouTube on leveraging change for personal and business growth. Many of the companies and scale-ups they have worked with have used remote teams with great success.

Date And Time

24th April 2020 | 10:00– 1:30 am AEST

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