Keep your Heart Healthy

Keep your heart healthy while working from home.

Changing the way you work can also be a chance to boost your heart health.

The ways we work are changing. Workplaces are becoming more flexible, adapting their policies to accommodate staff who work flexible hours, people who are also carers, and those who are remote workers.

Unexpected events can also lead to shifts in the way we work, such as interruptions to public transport, extreme weather or potential disease outbreaks.

Working from home brings new challenges. You may need to work out how to use new technology tools, you might find it difficult to keep in touch with colleagues, or you may find that working from home brings interruptions.

Most challenging of all, working from home is a major change to your daily routine, and some of us don’t manage change well. When you work from home team meetings may be disrupted, it can become difficult to contact colleagues, and, you can’t grab a coffee together.

4 tips to keep your heart healthy while working from home:
  1. Stay active
  2. Eat well
  3. Take some time to learn more about your heart health
  4. Check-in on your heart

Read the complete Heart Foundation article – 4 tips to keep your heart healthy while working from home


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