Juzpop Murals Brighten Tom Morrissey Coworking Space

We are excited to have two new amazing murals in our Tom Morrissey Coworking space!


Created by Juzpop, we wanted to add art that brightened and invigorated the space, inspiring anyone who sees it. 


Justine is a Naarm/Melbourne based multifaceted creative Artist who paints, illustrates, Art Directs and mentors. Most recognised for her pop-infused feminine portraitures, you can find Justine’s work around the streets of Melbourne, in various nooks around the world and in local businesses. Most notably, she created the ‘Thankyou Health Care Heroes’ mural that was featured by Melbourne Museum.

‘Mural work in the public eye is always a very special process to me because I’m making a piece of art for a community that will walk or drive by, maybe every day. I value the opportunity to connect with the wider community through my work.’ – Justine Millsom


These pieces feature iconic EI colours, phrases, and themes with a nod to the fantastic nature found around our space. We hope our community enjoys the newest additions, and we thank Justine and Mark from Juzpop for all their hard work.



Be sure to pop in and admire the improved Tom Morrissey Coworking space and also check out more work from Juzpop.


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