Innovation doesn’t always have to start with tech!

Innovation assisting people of all abilities.

When we think of high-potential Startups (yes that is with the capital S) many of us go first to technology – algorithms, artificial intelligence, apps and the like.

At Eastern Innovation we’ve experienced brilliant advances in HR techniques, communications, building developments and learning tools, where advanced technology is just the supporter of the innovation.

Our client, Access Ability Australia is the poster-child for diversity in Startups in Australia, demonstrating that innovation comes from all angles with tech playing just a part in their success. Whilst they have just launched their app, Access Keys, their innovation, began as an expert journey guide for people of all abilities to access detailed information when attending a new venue or event.

Access Ability Australia is the perfect example of a Startup kicking goals. Founders, Maxine Parker and Judy O’Connor successfully launched Access Keys for a host of organisations across Australia, including local government buildings and spaces, sporting facilities and recreational spaces, playgrounds and swimming pools. People who are uncertain in new environments can understand what a space will look like, feel like, sound like and smell like before they leave the comfort of their home and can be prepared in advance for the new experience.

An Access Key is an expertly crafted, detailed document that includes coloured photographs, supportive text, a venue map, a visual communication board and sensory guides, to showcase the space it is designed for. Each Access Key also includes a large print text version for easy reading and for use with assistive technology.

AAA’s newly released app is in its second phase of development. The all-new app will provide users convenient use of Access Keys in real time and will also feature interactive sensory guides to enable users to see the sights and hear the sounds. As well, AAA’s app will feature their full suite of communication symbols. Symbols will be touch activated for users who are speech impaired to support more confident communication.

EI also has its own Access Key that shows convenient onsite parking, accessible amenities, the coworking spaces, meeting rooms, offices, workstation desks, shared kitchens, bathrooms, parking, ease of access throughout and much, much more.

The team at Access Ability Australia have experienced the same growing pains as tech Startups. As cofounders, Judy and Maxine have found the joy of shared visions and goals that complement one other. They both share their own professional and personal experiences with disability and are deeply immersed within the sector.

Access Keys are only available from Access Ability Australia. View the EI Access Key here or contact Access Ability Australia here 


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