How Furnicharge Bridged the GAP in the Market

Tim Cochrane had the idea for Furnicharge 5 years ago, seeing a need for greener options that change working and social landscapes through accessible facilities. At the beginning of the pandemic, Tim could see the ‘perfect storm’ starting to emerge as the push for COVID Safe outdoor learning became more prevalent. He knew it was time to begin building and launching Furnicharge – A company specialising in outdoor solar-powered workstations & infrastructure.

As Furnicharge is Tim’s first foray into starting a business, he noticed a GAP in his knowledge and skills; he had a product but no marketing and communications experience to share his vision in an impactful way. Through the City of Kingston’s economic development team, he was recommended to Eastern Innovation’s Global Advisory Flagship Program (GAP) to expand his knowledge and help guide him on his innovation journey.

Tim knew his first problem was getting customers and didn’t know where to start.

“I was not 100% sure, and I wanted reassurance. I needed to speak to an advisor, ask all my burning questions, big or small, and find out why.”

Tim was matched with one of the many experienced advisors, Tina Manolitsas, a marketing strategist advisor with over 25 years of experience. She worked with Tim to develop and implement a strong marketing strategy and recommended onboarding a marketing specialist to oversee ongoing campaigns. Tina provided Tim with the necessary tools to dive further into his market analysis and map his customer journey and methods to engage with his desired target market. Tina acted as Tim’s “sounding board” to positively reinforce him and give feedback to conquer the imposter syndrome of launching a new product in the market.

“Tina was fantastic; she helped me get past the barriers [within organisations] and communicate directly with key decision-makers.”

Creating an intensive well-rounded marketing strategy and hiring an industry professional enabled Furnicharge to have a concise and continuous media presence that landed them recognition on Channel 7 news – highlighting their ingenious innovation. By receiving critical expert marketing advice from Tina, Tim fostered in-depth conversations and connections with over one hundred schools and universities around Australia, boosting the company’s financial prospects and client base. Furnicharge’s online presence grew exponentially with Tina’s tailored advice, enhancing Tim’s overall personal and professional outreach. Due to this, Tim grew from 0 to 80 units sold in 9 months.

“I 100% recommend the Global Advisory Program; without it, Furnicharge would have been a failed venture. I had no customers, and my outreach was lacking severely.”

Like Furnicharge, most businesses come to a point where clarity and action are needed. The Global Advisory Program listens to your business pain points, pairing you with an experienced Advisor tailored to your specific needs. The program provides you with the tools and knowledge to foster a positive outcome.

Explore your options at and see what The Global Advisory Program can offer you and your business.

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