Global Advisory Program for business innovation

Take your new innovation to market with EI’s experienced ecosystem of advisors.

Eastern Innovation’s advisors help businesses grow by guiding their innovation to product and market fit. Using their specialised career experience and domain expertise they help CEOs and founders make decisions that accelerate business growth.

What do you get:

  • A concise plan for product acceleration
  • New connections relevant to designated market
  • Pathways for resources to support a new product to market

We understand that CEOs require specialist advice at different stages of the business lifecycle. We ensure your success through the program by:


We’ll triage your problem or opportunity to make sure you find the right expert advisor.


Of expectations for both you and the advisors to make sure you both make the most of the opportunity.


Contracts, NDAs and reporting to ensure you are protected along the way.

Time Management

An EI liaison to ensure everyone does what they promise.


Your advisor and the EI team will want to champion your brand to their networks to attract the right people at the right time.


Confidential record-keeping and a completion report for future reference.

Our program is tailored to suit your individual needs and to allow you to access specialist resources when you need them most...



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