Get your skates on and get ready to …


Get your skates on” is an idiom used predominantly in Australia and the UK. We clearly remember hearing our elders use the phrase to tell us to hurry up and “get a move on”.

And there is no doubt we are all ready to get a move on, from home schooling, work from home challenges and lockdown in general.

Moving on is easier when we have things to look forward to.

We encourage you to “get your skates on” and book yourself into our meeting and flexible coworking and workspaces. You’ll look forward to meeting old and new colleagues in our easy to access hub. We’ll take care of the tea and coffee (and catering if you really want to spoil everyone) and leave you to the joy of moving forward in your work or business, fast.

And if that pesky lockdown intervenes? We’ll change your meeting or event dates easily and penalty-free.


Workstations in Dynamic Zone – permanent use

Hot desk in Tom Morrissey – casual use

Book meetings space

Book event space



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