Funding Success: Esper Satellite Imagery

Esper Satellite Imagery, EI’s onsite client, has won funding from the Australian Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd to develop and launch next generation hyperspectral sensors for Earth observation.

The mission, dubbed ‘Over The Rainbow’, is in partnership with Spiral Blue‘s and Dandelions‘ Project Rainbow Python. Securing this grant helps further their vision of building infrastructure in space for close monitoring of every aspect of industrial activity. This innovative technology will help educate, optimize and reduce environmental impacts of industry.

Two hyperspectral payloads, OTR-1 and OTR-2, are currently being developed and tested in Eastern Innovation’s labs which will ultimately be launched into space. This mission and technology overall will help further Australia’s space capability and strengthens Australia’s stance as a key player in the global efficiency space supply chain.

Read more about Australia’s first Earth observation mission here

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