Eureka Technology – Jinan 2021 Pitch Competition (online)

You might recall that our CEO Danielle, has had the privilege of judging the Jinan High Talents Innovation Competition for the past three years.

The first two years, an Australian group travelled as a cohort to Jinan, China. Last year, the competition was conducted successfully online. This year will be similarly conducted online.

Australian competition managers, Eureka Technology Innovation and Investment are continuing their great work and invite you to apply for your chance to pitch for up to $20,000 AUD cash prize.

Here are some of the previous years’ results.

Over the past 3 years, we successfully speeded up the commercialization of 10 projects through Eureka IIEC. We helped them obtain around 6 million Australian dollars funding in total and offered business facilitation service to support further development of their business.

The winning project of Eureka IIEC 2019, Yusenhui-Computational modeling of the atherosclerosis growth mechanisms obtained RMB 2 million funding and formed Joint Venture in China, and now the JV has signed contracts of more than RMB 3 million over past 2 years.

Last year, with Eureka resources network, Nahe – the winning team of Eureka IIEC 2020, has successfully obtained 3 million RMB funding in China and also be offered a 200-square-meter laboratory to support their research work and explore the Asia market.


If you are interested in expanding into China and want to explore the opportunities and relationships that can safey get your innovation there, apply to pitch online hereĀ

Applications close June 3rd, 2021.

If you’d like any more information, please reach out to Danielle via phone 0437854723 or email

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