EIMentor Terms & Conditions

In registering as an EIMentor (Eastern Innovation Business Centre Ltd (EI) (ABN 44085970145) the following code of conduct, terms & conditions are to be adhered to at all times.

Mentors (including Advisors) will conduct their association with Mentees in line with the EI spirit intended to provide valuable, ethical and transparent information and guidance aimed to develop the skills of participating Mentees. To participate and be eligible for coverage under EI’s Management Liability Cover the following applies:

  • Mentors will provide true and honest, accurate information about their qualifications, experience and availability.
  • Mentors will provide self-nominated amounts of time to Mentees (following approval by the mentor) and adhere to their commitment to individual mentees.
  • Mentors commit to keep EIMentor administration up to date with what is committed, conducted and finalised/complete. Mentors will keep good records of commitments, advice given and other related information whilst engaged in an EIMentor relationship.
  • Mentors understand that only mentoring sessions introduced and scheduled via EIMentor Administration or Management Team will be considered and EIMentor engagement.
  • Mentors will consider and uphold the values of Eastern Innovation (curiosity, diversity, community, sustainability & excellence) whilst they actively working within an active mentor/mentee relationship.
  • There will be no discrimination of age, gender, ethnicity, or any other such discrimination. Bullying and violence of any kind are not tolerated and must be reported immediately to EI Adminstraion or Management.
  • All parties will maintain the confidentiality of information shared within the mentoring relationship. The sharing of documents or information of any matter to third parties is prohbited without permission in writing.
  • All parties will report potential conflicts of interest to the EIMentor administration team immediately.
  • All parties will advise any complaints or disputes to EI Administration or Management.
  • Mentoring through the EIMentor Program is a free service. Should a Mentor and Mentee enter into any arrangement (commercial or otherwise) beyond the committed and EI approved mentoring sessions, the Mentor during will no longer be covered under Eastern Innovation Business Centre’s Management Liability Cover. Mentors commit to advising EIMentor Administration or Management of such arrangements immediately.
  • Further questions regarding any Mentoring matter can be directed to innovation@eibc.net.au


Eastern Innovation may at its sole discretion withdraw, suspend or refuse a mentor in the program for any reason without notice. In particular, this discretion may be exercised where, in EI’s opinion, any of the following has occurred:

  • EI has a reasonable concern regarding non-compliance with any of these Terms and Conditions and guidelines, or any applicable law or regulation.

  • Misleading, deceptive, or incorrect information has been provided by an individual.

  • A complaint has been received about the individual.

  • An individual’s participation in the program is likely to, or does, damage or is detrimental to EI’s reputation or brand.

EI Commitment

Eastern Innovation (EI) commits to obtaining Mentor approval prior to a connection with a Mentee. EIMentor Administration team will always submit applications by Mentees to the Mentor in writing. Mentors may reject a connection request. EIMentor team will then source an alternate Mentor for the Mentee.

By accepting these terms, Mentors consent to having a visible profile (direct contact details will not be displayed) available for view by a global audience.