Eastern Innovation’s new advisory program fills the GAP for Founders

GAP is a coached and managed, expert advisory program for innovation businesses

Eastern Innovation (EI) is Eastern Victoria’s Innovation Hub. The Board, Management and Team have worked hard over the past five years to develop the global relationships and deep expertise that assists innovation businesses (startups / ventures) and other established innovation-focussed businesses to grow their businesses sustainably.

Founders or directors of growing businesses are often faced with one or more of the following:

  • A lack of expertise or knowledge in some areas of their business
  • A lack of experienced advisors to guide them exactly when they need the help
  • A lack of understanding of the “rules of engagement” for advisor relationships
  • A lack of resources to employ or engage the expertise they require
  • A lack of time to attain the knowledge to solve their next challenges, and sometimes
  • A lack of understanding where their real gaps are.

With the assistance of an Ausindustry Grant, over the past six months, EI has been piloting The Global Advisory Program (GAP), a program that addresses those issues and more for innovation businesses who are ready to scale.

GAP is a coached and managed, expert advisory program for innovation businesses. Specialists actively guide and coach Founders and CEOs to successfully execute an expertly matched Advisory Board.

The Program offers a bottom-up approach, individually tailored to suit the participating business and its founders. It is an individualised approach where Founders and Board Advisors alike are coached and educated to ensure that all are aligned with the vision, roadmap and execution.

Participating businesses and their Founders are expertly assessed and considered to have the qualities required for guidance and acceleration. Their experienced and expert Advisory Board is sourced globally and appointed for the length of the Program and actively guided to deliver the best results for the business.

The Advisors work individually and collectively with the Founders on the challenges or opportunities identified in the initial assessment as well as throughout the Program.

There is a strong emphasis on commercialisation and revenue generation rather than investment attraction.

What accelerating businesses get from the program:

  • a deep dive analysis of their business
  • active coaching and mentoring of the founding / director team by one of the GAP team coaches
  • Careful selection and recruitment of participants for the managed Advisory Board, sourced globally, all of whom have demonstrable results in the areas the Deep Dive identifies as needed, and
  • EI’s startup specialist to act as Chair of the Advisory Board and Program Facilitator

The results we have seen so far:

  • Product/market fit
  • Increased revenue
  • Controlled costs
  • Expertise provided in:
    • Pricing strategy
    • Legal compliance
    • HR compliance
  • Talent attraction
  • Team cohesion
  • Risk reduction, and more.

The program is being offered through Eastern Innovation, a not-for-profit company serving Melbourne’s metropolitan Melbourne, proudly based in the City of Monash. Rates for the Program can be subsidised through grants.

The Program has been adapted for delivery during Covid-affected times and can be delivered on or offline (in the future).

For more information, please contact:

Eastern Innovation CEO, Danielle Storey | 0437 854 723 | danielle@eibc.net.au

Eastern Innovation Program Manager, Allira Cundy | 0415 825 942 | innovation@eibc.net.au


About EI

Eastern Innovation is the place where startups grow up! The EI & wider City of Monash community are on hand with a state-of-the-art facility, advice, mentoring and services to help ventures thrive.

EI offers co-working spaces and offices, innovation zones, testing labs, meeting and event spaces providing clients with the opportunity to innovate, collaborate and accelerate.


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