CovidSAFE – please READ

As we head into Winter and the pandemic continues to challenge us, I’d like to remind everyone of the everyday protocols that will keep us safe, and the possible protocols we may implement if advised by Government.

We know this situation is still emerging, and there is no need for alarm. However, we’d welcome your caution and preparedness.

From 6pm today 25th June, 2021

  • Masks are mandatory indoors until advised otherwise. This includes at your desk and moving around the centre.¬†
  • More information here
  • Please use Proximity App to enter either building when you arrive at work and on the last time you leave, even if the door is unlocked. Please login into Proximity and make sure that your mobile number is updated. This will allow us to comply with Government Covid reporting requirements.


  • Don’t come to the Centre if you are feeling unwell for any reason. Stay home and, if appropriate, get tested.
  • Once mask restrictions ease, carry a mask with you at all times. Wear it if you cannot distance appropriately from other people.
  • Wash Hands regularly with plenty of soap.
  • If you have attended any of the Public Exposure Sites, please follow Government Advice immediately.

Protocols if a lockdown is mandated (to be confirmed):

  • Be tech-prepared for a snap lock down. Please make sure you have the items you need to work from home if directed by Government Advice.
  • Refer back to your CovidSAFE plan and update if necessary.
  • Our EI team may head into a work bubble at short notice. This means we may have limited staff onsite sometimes. Each of our phone numbers are on the pink laminated sheets in each reception. Call if you need us and cannot locate us.
  • Do consider your own team bubbles if appropriate.
  • If Covid is detected at EI, we will immediately lock the centre down and implement a deep clean. Contact tracing will commence. We would anticipate this might take at least 24 hours or more. Please make sure your business has a plan for this remote possibility.

Thank you so much for your patience and attention to our CovidSAFE preparations. Please share this advice with each of your team members.

If you have any concerns, call me directly, or reach out to one of the team.

Kindly, Danielle.

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