Free Marketing Support Session – Future Focus Marketing

Are your sales drying up? Finding it challenging getting your marketing strategy right?

During this time many of us are questioning and thinking:

  1. Should I continue investing money on my marketing channels
  2. Should I continue working on my marketing activities?
  3. Where should my focus be right now?
  4. What should be my marketing strategy once we begin to move out of this uncertainty?
  5. How and when should I prepare for this?
  6. And no doubt many more questions ……

It’s important is to talk this through.Tina Manolitsas & Sharyn Perry from Future Focus Marketing Group who work with business owners to navigate and solve their marketing challenges, and take their marketing strategy to the next level.

They are offering the EI community the opportunity to book time to discuss your marketing related questions: your strategic approach, activities to focus on, challenges or explore new ideas.

Email Tina to book your complimentary session.

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