Clever Casey Brothers Creating Confidence – A Portable Asset Tracker that Operates on 3G & 4G Networks

Talented tech brothers create Solid One, a small and mighty asset tracker that is simple to install and has on average 6 – 24 month rechargeable battery life. It also boasts machine learning route prediction, boundary alerts, worldwide range and account sharing for improved safety and security.

Solid GPS announced this week the upcoming release of a new model of asset tracking device. The tracker can be placed on any asset and requires no wire splicing or complicated installation or setup. The tracker is 100% battery powered, lasts on average 6 – 24 months depending on usage and only requires five hours to recharge. Additionally, only relevant data is collected; when the asset is stationary the Solid GPS device won’t track until it detects movement, increasing battery life and performance. The device can operate in over 170 countries and is paired with 550 different mobile network carriers, utilising 3G, 4G and 5G.

It is competitively priced compared with other GPS tracking devices on the market and has a small monthly subscription to allow purchasers to take advantage of Solid GPS’ software updates, simcard and simcard data.

Solid GPS has designed the asset tracker to meet the rapidly increasing problems of theft, emergencies and monitoring systems.

The hardware and software is created in house by City of Casey brothers Trent and Nathan through extensive R&D. “We were looking for a solution to protect Trent’s motorbike. There wasn’t a practical or simple solution, so we made one.”

Solid GPS allows people and businesses to easily protect their assets and is available to purchase online at

Media Contact:

Nathan Torkar | Sales & Marketing

p: 0434 392 681

a: Solid GPS | 5a Hartnett Cl, Mulgrave VIC 3170 e: | w:

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