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Locumate, developed by experienced pharmacists to connect locums and pharmacies.

Locums: Locumate is creating a community dedicated to Locums in Australia. Locumate helps locums find the perfect shifts , get paid on time and get access to additional educational resources to grow their career as a pharmacist.

Pharmacies: Pharmacies can now streamline the process of booking a locum via an app that automatically alerts all available locums, provides better alignment of rates to the quality of locums, and automates time-sheeting and invoicing.


StackGo is an Antler VC backed api middleware platform that makes it easier for software builders to integrate with the tools their customers already use, such as their CRM, Accounting and Ecommerce systems.

There are estimated to be around 500 million cloud native apps by 2023. A key factor to achieve distribution and adoption will be integration into the tools already used by the end business customer. Currently, integrations are costing an estimated $35,000 and about 3-6 months. Stackgo aims to reduce this by 10x through their suite of tools of managed authentication (public beta), unified apis (private beta) and function as a service (private beta).


Dr Richard Huysmans helps professionals make the most of their training and experiences.

Dr Huysmans gained a PhD from Monash University in 2005, during which he realised an academic career wasn’t for him. It set him on the path of investigation and talking to different people and professionals about their career journeys. In 2008, Richard set up his own Practice to work with individuals and universities, government departments and private industry to make the most of the possibilities available to them. Today, he helps people PhD students navigate their PhD and their career decisions immediately afterwards.

Law Circuit – an online legal services platform.

Law Circuit is the first to integrate machine intelligence and human expertise to make legal services accessible to people who need it the most. Law Circuit connects clients to lawyers via one seamless platform.


igoforlocal is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform for local small businesses.

Rahul is the Founder Director of ‘igoforlocal, a socio-economic initiative. With the intention of making use of the acquired knowledge and skills and knowing that the time on the planet is limited, he started this venture to make a difference to society.


eHatsystems is an Australian Startup Company.

It’s developing a purpose-built streaming system (eHat) which provides the real-time communication tools for experts to interact with workers anywhere, anytime for greater productivity. eHat is the future for streamline remote communication between two or more parties and it forms part of the future of the Internet of Things (IOT).



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Date: 29th July

Time: 5.45pm

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