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It’s Valentine’s season – all we see is love! 

Advertising is full of dating for your personal life and loveApparently it’s easy to meet new people in person or online. 

What’s not easy is the game of dating for Startups. Finding the right Advisor to help you make better decisions, avoid mistakes and teach you newuseful skills is not that simple. The right Advisor team can make or break an innovation venture.  

So, what is Startup Advisor? They are domain or subject experts who choose to support your Startup Venture. Advisors usually volunteer their time. They see your challenges and believe that they have the experience to help you succeed. Often, they love your idea as much as you do. The right Advisors become raving fans and can help to introduce you to other Advisors too. 

So why doesn’t every Startup have a Board of Advisors? Advisors are successful in their own career or venture and they are usually busy, so they need Founders to drive the advisory relationship. Founders need to set the scene, adhere to the schedule and do the things they say they will.  

Startup Founders are busy too. They are endeavoring to create the world’s next breakthrough and they’re working hard to accelerate their rapidly changing businesses. They often get caught up in the doing of their business and their commitments to Advisors can slide to the end of their todo list. 

Marrying the perfect Advisors to Founders takes the valuable resource of time and the skills of being flexibleseeking clarity and endless persistence. Add in the moving foundation of an accelerating business where a Founder will need different Advisors throughout their business life and you can see why it’hard to get the Advisor journey right. 

Want to learn how to engage your own Advisory Board? Watch Mark Sims, one of EI’s Advisory Board expertswhere he dicsusses how to attract and manage advisors.

Want to learn more about Eastern Innovation’s Global Advisory Program? Go here and register for more information. 

With the right advice, guidance and support, you’ll love your Startup Venture even more. 

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