A note from our CEO, Danielle 5th May 2020

We got into a new normal and now things are set to change again, how does that make you feel?

Hi our innovation community

It felt like we got into a new normal and now things are set to change again with Governments reviewing lock down restrictions. How are you feeling about that? Feelings of uncertainty can have interesting results for some of us. Remember, we are here if you want a chat.

Everyone’s getting busier, so we have pushed the online coffee catchup and Friday drinks to monthly events – last ones this week. We’ll send you the link to register so that you get reminders to attend. A massive thanks to Shaj for the weekly meditation too. This will be his last online session.

I recommend the download of the COVIDsafe app so that we can keep an outbreak minimised. Personally, I would be very disappointed to have to lockdown again as a result of an escalation in cases post the lifting of restrictions.

Yesterday, we sent a survey to our onsite clients to find out what they needed to feel good about returning to work at the centre. Responses will help us design a protocol that keep us all safe.

To the families continuing to home school, my hat is off to you. You are amazing. To the individuals that are home alone and feeling really isolated, keep up the good spirits if possible. We are here if you need an online or phone chat.

Continue to take care of yourself and be patient, it won’t be long until we will be able to hug again – and for the non-huggers of you? Look out, you might get hugged! *smiles.



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