A note from our CEO, Danielle 27th April 2020

I feel optimistic that we are all managing ourselves into a new, temporary normal, here’s why.

Hi our amazing community

Well, Easter is done, ANZAC Day commemorated, school holidays have come and gone, and Covid-19 is not quite done yet. But I feel optimistic that we are all managing ourselves into a new, temporary normal.

However, some of us are battling the time challenges of home schooling, working, family-ing and more and that can be exhausting. If that’s you, don’t forget your innovation colleagues when the overwhelm hits. They love to find new and better ways to do things and you might find a fund solution to ease your mind.

Here’s some things I have been thinking about:

  • I’d be so happy to do a two hour group session with all the kids on zoom around finding solutions to problems – perhaps a facilitated ideation session. I am tipping there’s some other peeps in the community that would love to do a session too. Let me know.
  • Dinnerly is awesome. The instructions are so simple that my husband and daughter have been sharing the cooking. It’s affordable, the variety is ace and I don’t have to do all the cooking! (and I can send you a free box if you are interested). What other chore innovation do you love?
  • We have experts on finance, government funding, mental wellness, digital capability and more. Please reach out if you have questions you cannot answer and you know the answers will help you progress.
  • If you haven’t applied for job keeper stimulus or, if you are not sure if you qualify – find out more at COVID-19 useful links. Talk to your finance professional today. There’s a limited window to apply.

Keep going forward. Do something each day that makes you glad to be in this new, temporary normal. Remind yourself of the things that make you feel content, and do those. Be kind to yourself too.




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