You’re a Founder of an Accelerating Venture

Come join 15 other Founders just like you.

You Are:

  • Future Focused
  • Disrupting
  • Evolving
  • Collaborating
  • Thriving


You’ve created a minimum viable product (MVP), or you are close to doing so. You’ve created an exciting Venture that is making the lives of your clients easier, changing their world and creating new ways of doing things. You’re collaborative, creative and you’ve probably worn many, many hats to get to where you are now.

And you’re ready to grow some more.

We imagine that you’ve had a number of challenges along the way

It’s possible you’ve faced many of the same challenges that others have hurdled too. Or that you are facing some now that they might have a pathway through, around, under or over.

Some of those challenges might include:

  • Making the right connections
  • Getting the right advice and finding the right role models
  • Cashflow, investors or other finance options
  • Finding answers and learning what you need, when you need it
  • Choosing the right team – or having the right stuff to keep the good ones
  • Managing remote team
  • Overcoming blocks
  • Finding a good place to work and meet
  • Tech challenges or opportunities
  • Finding markets, opening markets
  • Finding time for the Venture and for everyone else
  • Changing direction, pivoting or starting again

We know that you have worked hard to get where you are and you’re ready to accelerate on your terms at your speed.

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) is where Future Focussed Founders, Future Focussed Professional Services Providers and Corporate Innovators thrive alongside dozens of others doing the same. It is an Acceleration Hub filled with people and opportunities to help you take your Venture to the next level.

At the EIBC you can:

  • Locate your business in an impressive facility in a zone that suits your needs and budget
  • Grow your Venture and team
  • Meet and impress your clients and suppliers
  • Have access to super-fast internet at no extra charge.
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Engage with professionals, role models and experts to get the right advice
  • Stay motivated, engaged and at the top of your game

The EIBC’s future focussed program includes weekly, opt in, workshops conducted by specialists across the world in three streams to suit your needs:

  1. An Innovation Program for Founders and Corporate Innovators
  2. A Champions of Innovators Program for Professional Service Providers and Corporate Innovators
  3. A Fundamentals Program for all, including the wider business community

At the EIBC you’ll enjoy

  • Mentors and Facilitated Connections
  • Space to thrive
  • Support and Encouragement

Zones available include:

  • Seated/Standing Workstations
  • Offices to seat 1-6 people
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Laboratories for testing
  • Social Spaces
  • Wellness Spaces

Contact our team today to view a space that will be perfect for you.

1300 462 822