Make It or Break It Virtual Workshop | 24th April 2020

 Many great ideas are left on the shelf to gather dust and harbour regret when we don’t try them out. Make It or Break It tests your idea!

Come join us at this workshop where we will test your idea so you can Make it or Break it

Ideas are great but success relies on proven methods of customer centred problem identification, market research, market testing, redesign and retesting. 

 Many great ideas are left on the shelf to gather dust and harbour regret when we don’t try them out.

So.. we are excited to bring Make It or Break It (MIBI) to EI this month. Make It or Break It workshops are designed to give you access to a hands-on advisory panel that will intimately help you to build a tailored process to take your pivot or new idea to its next stage, connect to the people who might help, or give them the information to realise that the idea just isn’t right (at all, or not yet). Our MIBI workshops will allow people with great ideas to verbalise it and get on with it or get on with something else.

Te panel that you will present your idea for feedback consists of Vlad Finn, Mark Sims and Danielle Storey.

Here is the date and time and the link to register

Friday 24th April 2020 | 11.00am – 12.30pm

Register your Expression of Interest today!

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