The EIBC received funding from local, state, and commonwealth governments for the build. This is testament to the ongoing success of business incubators in Australia and shows that government at all levels are committed to developing innovative ideas and nurturing emerging talent.

Ongoing, the EIBC is a self supporting not-for-profit (although EIBC’s CEO, Danielle, much prefers the term not-for-loss) company. It is supported strongly as a host of events for South East Melbourne’s Council Economic Development teams and also welcomes partnership and innovation project sponsorship proposals.

  • Tom Morrissey reception is manned and open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.
    After hours access for meetings is by application. Tenants have 24 hour access.
  • The EIBC Active Zone is open for bookings Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.
    After hours access by application. Coworkers renting a table by the month have 24 hour access.
  • The EIBC Dynamic Innovation Zone is accessible 24/7.

Call our team 1300 462 822 in business hours to ensure you have the access you need.

Built in 1999, the Monash Incubator encompassed one building, the Tom Morrissey building. In 2015, the new Jessie Tait building was complete and in 2016 the two brands where merged into one – The Eastern Innovation Business Centre.

The Tom Morrissey Building has offices more in a traditional serviced office style to suit start ups and scale ups from 1 person to 5 team. Innovators and the professional services businesses that support them are scattered across both buildings. There are meeting rooms in both buildings to support different sized meetings for all sectors of business, education and institution.

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre is truly the visible ecosystem of entrepreneurship in South East Melbourne.


YES! Prospective tenants can call the Centre on 1300 462 822 to arrange a tour of the facility in business hours.

Costs for participating in the EIBC are as flexible as the working options present in the centre.

Entrepreneurs and small business start-ups can sign on for enclosed office space, workstations, hot-desk use, meeting room use, and wet or dry lab use.

Coworking spaces, for example, start at $30 per day, $100 per week or $300 per month have no other costs involved. Workstations in the Dynamic Innovation Zone are $400 per month and businesses are required to have insurance but there are no other ongoing costs.

Offices in the Tom Morrissey Building start at under $650 per month and businesses are required to be insured and may incur telephone costs if required.

Charges vary and interested innovators should contact the EIBC to discuss which options are best for their business.

The EIBC is focused on accelerating the commercialisation of innovative ideas.

While all innovative businesses are welcome, it has ideal facilities for tech-based start-ups with innovation in science, medicine, or any other discipline at their core. Supporting professional services businesses are welcome as part of the ecosystem that interacts with tech and science.

It’s for people with great ideas who can benefit from a supportive, inspirational, collaborative environment and who can use our facilities to get the best out of their idea and attract the best people to work with their business.

Quite literally, the EIBC is founded on a commitment to the environment. Underneath the facility sits a highly advanced bio filtration system for locally collected stormwater, which feeds the building’s greywater use as well as a large filtration pond and most of the facilities plants and grasses.

The building itself is surrounded by green walls, and features the latest in built-form sustainability in terms of natural light and heat, air flow and energy conservation.

Both buildings are powered by seven solar inverters.

It’s an innovative, growing facility to grow innovative ideas.

The EIBC is designed with innovators in mind, in technology, professional services, construction and more

Both buildings are fully networked, with high speed fibre, cloud collaboration, video conferencing, advanced security and presentation facilities.

The EIBC’s interactive design encourages social interaction by providing a work/play balance in its spaces. There are spaces for serious work and spaces to come together with others to grow together.

This space is designed around a flexible platform of active and dynamic zones that accommodate a changing world and workplace. Your ‘office space’ can expand and contract according to your needs.

Most importantly, the EIBC is a melting pot of thought leadership that sees the coming together of start-ups, industry partners, government bodies and tertiary institutions in a vibrant ecosystem.

The EIBC has been developed by the City of Monash and a number of other participating Councils, with State and Federal government assistance, to contribute to the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Australia has a strong knowledge economy, and some of the best science, medical and technological ideas are yet to be developed. Facilities like the EIBC provide start-up businesses with the support they need to develop and commercialise their idea.

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) exists to;

  • Accelerate the progress of Future-Focused and Innovative Businesses, provide a Professional infrastructure that supports those businesses, and offers similar benefits to other Client groups
  • Assists all businesses/clients to grow and prosper
  • Concurrently creates beneficial Alliances, and
  • Establishes pathways to successful business exit and client outcomes

The EIBC is the ideal place for you if you are:

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