Future Of… event


The Future Of…

…a collaboration by Mulgrave Primary School, Wellington Secondary College, Monash Tech School and the Eastern Innovation Business Centre.

Friday 14th September 9.30am – 1pm

120 students of Grades One and Two at Mulgrave Primary School will be exposed to ten demonstration booths showcasing the future of

    • Robotics
    • 3D print
    • Construction technology
    • Future of housing
    • Drone photography
    • Automatic vehicles / driverless bus (which they will ride in)
    • Future of work and entrepreneurship
    • Augmented Reality
    • IoT demonstration
    • Coding and websites


  • 24 Year Seven students at Wellington Secondary College will be exposed to the future of… and will lead the demonstration booths / display tables on behalf of or in conjunction with EIBC’s innovators.
  • 10 Savvy Startup Founders of Accelerating Ventures will showcase their Innovation Ventures.
  • The team at Monash Tech School will attend and assist.
  • Location: The Eastern Innovation Business Centre – Melbourne East & South East’s premier Innovation Hub for Startups, Founders and Future-Focussed Businesses.


  • To showcase the Future Of… as it stands today.
  • To demonstrate collaboration between education, industry and innovation sectors.
  • To allow educators and students to experience future possibilities in technology, future-jobs and experiences.
  • To engage careers educators in the future of from adjacent education providers.

Two 1.5 hour sessions for grades 1 and 2 (9.30 am and 11.30am) – 60 students per session. Each session involves ten groups of six students rotating in 5/6 minute blocks to ten booths (tables at the EIBC) of the future-of including:

  1. robotics,
  2. 3D print,
  3. construction technology,
  4. future of housing,
  5. drone photography,
  6. automatic vehicles / driverless bus (which they will ride in)
  7. Future of work and entrepreneurship
  8. Augmented Reality
  9. IoT demonstration
  10. Future of coding and websites


Danielle Storey, CEO, Eastern Innovation Business Centre, 5a Hartnett Close, Mulgrave, VIC 3170

Danielle@eibc.net.au 0437 854 723