A note from our CEO, Danielle – 30th March 2020

Happy new week to you in this amazing time.

I am keen to hear how you are all getting along, keep sharing with us. We have loads of people who want to help and understand what you are dealing with.

Right now, the things you might want to know:
• Register to claim the $10,000 stimulus here https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/money-in-the-bank-for-businesses-and-jobs/
• Ensure you’ve checked in with your accountant regarding PAYG and/or payroll tax stimulus
• Our understanding is that Government is meeting TODAY regarding a JOB KEEPER allowance for fulltime employees. This will allow them to claim a payment that isn’t Centrelink centred and take some down time, and come back to work for you when restrictions lift. Stay tuned for more information over the next 24 hours.
• A focus on mental wellness and resilience are critical right now. 80 percent of business owners surveyed recently said their concern for their mental wellness was high. Please do whatever you can to reach out and find (or do) those things that will help you. If you are not sure what that is, call me directly and we can brainstorm it.

Take care. I know that you are bearing a load for yourself, your family, your staff, your customers and your supply chain. You matter to us.

<#virtualhugs>, even for the non-huggers, *smiles.


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