Fund Your Way

Event, Workshops and Mentoring for Founders

in the East and South-East of Melbourne









The EIBC is proud to announce the successful bid for Launch Vic Grant assistance to bring Dr Zivit Inbar to help you map your Funding Future.

Calling Founders and Startups in Melbourne’s East and South East

Learn how to Fund Your StartUp Venture at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre.

Join us for Events and Workshops to become eligible for one-on-one mapping and planning sessions with The EIBC’s Expert in Residence Differenthinking’s Dr Zivit Inbar.

Register your details here and we will invite you to:

  • the launch party in late January,
  • events detailing your options,
  • workshops to deep dive your path, and
  • one-on-one sessions with our Expert, Dr inbar

Register here to map your funding future.

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