100 homes for the homeless

Congratulations iBuild, on the launch of your initiative 100 Homes for the Homeless at the opening of your Innovation and Engineering Hub in Campbellfield last week.

Broadmeadows state MP Frank McGuire, Hume Mayor Geoff Porter, a number of other councillors and business leaders were present at the opening and commended iBuild’s great initiative to assist the homeless.

Press release here:

100 Homes Donation Press Release iBuild

iBuild is another successful Startup to start, grow and thrive at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) in Mulgrave.

EIBC’s CEO remarked, “It’s an honour for me to be here today to witness the rapid acceleration and success of this extraordinary Startup – founded in our Innovation Centre – the Eastern Innovation Business Centre – of which I am, proudly the CEO.”

She went on to say, “Having a great idea is gold. In Startup and Founder word, we see a lot of golden, great ideas. Gold alone is valuable, but it’s the honing of that gold into something special that defines it, and us. It’s the inclusion of other complementary elements that make it shine even more. Co-Founders Jackson Yin and Michael Zeng have built an extraordinary company from a great idea that solves a prevalent and urgent problem – housing in Australia is expensive. They said, “Let’s do something about it”.

From the beginning they honed that golden idea. They showcased it with smart PR, responded with fast responses to changing environments, and, importantly, included amazing people in their journey. They are growing their team in Victoria to over 40 members. Incredibly, they’ve mastered and showcase the art of using interns and students to help them achieve fast results. They have contributed to the skills and employability of more than 100 Victorian students in the past 3 years alone.” 

If you’d like to be part of an environment that accelerates your future-focussed Venture or Business, please connect with us on 1300 463 822 and arrange a tour.

See iBuild’s Press Release here: 100 Homes Donation Press Release iBuild

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