Launching a new era in acceleration 

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) has a rich history of supporting businesses in the City of Monash, beginning with the establishment of the Tom Morrissey Building in 1999. The facility provided office space and business support services and for more than 15 years, was home to hundreds of successful local businesses. 

But as the marketplace – and the needs of businesses – changed, it became clear that the EIBC must change too. There was a need to refine and perfect the Centre’s true point of difference; using their collaborative, business environment to nurture accelerating ventures.  

The past two years have been a time of immense change and self-discovery, as the Centre forged new paths and re-emerged as an exciting new entity. 

  • Monash Enterprise Centre (MEC) renamed to Eastern Innovation Business Centre 
  • The newly named Jessie Tait Building built and occupied. Stay tuned for the official naming ceremony
  • The approval of funds to refresh the Tom Morrissey building
  • Appointment of new Board Directors, with deep knowledge of innovation and business 
  • Over 50 mentors and experts added to the Community  
  • Hosting more than 150 events and learning opportunities 
  • Collaboration with eight regional Councils, widening the tenants’ network and aligning with State and Federal government representatives  
  • Launch of a new website 

Today the EIBC is a regional support hub for Founders, Startups, Future-Focussed Professional Service Providers and Corporate Innovators to accelerate their businesses in a supportive, affordable space, surrounded by a Community that knows what it’s like to start up and pursue their dreams.  

Inspired by learnings and opportunities, the EIBC has launched a fresh new strategic plan, to further accelerate the businesses that call the EIBC home.  

There’s a new Vision, Mission and Purpose, aligned with overarching strengths and successes of a Collaborative Community that Creates, Innovates, Incubates, Accelerates, Learns and Thrives. 

The key goal of the EIBC is to attract accelerating ventures, tap into their passion, support them through their business journey – then witness such positive growth that they out-grow the space and strike out with confidence.  

To find out more about joining this dynamic and growing Community, get in touch for a tour of the facility or attend one of the EIBC’s weekly events for an insight into what’s on offer.  

Danielle Storey is the CEO of the Eastern Innovation Business Centre in Mulgrave, Melbourne, Victoria. She is also a co-founder of an international family business, author of The Selfish Servant, professional speaker and has been a mentor to hundreds of businesses throughout Australia. 

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre is the home to dozens of Founders, Future-focussed Professional Service Providers and Corporate Innovators that are working on ventures that are innovative, disruptive and accelerating. The Eastern Innovation Business Centre was created with wide Municipal and State and Federal Government contribution and is a not-for-profit Company with an engaged and inspiring Board, Management and Team. 

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