Three things entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about

In the wake of Monash Business Awards’ thought-provoking insight into The Future of Work, I’ve been reminded again that an entrepreneur’s world is often considered ‘worry-free’.

Most people think becoming an entrepreneur is all about flexibility and freedom – but as most of us have learned, flexibility can often become an excuse to cram in tempting distractions to avoid the things we least enjoy – thus slowing down our progress.

And freedom? Most entrepreneurs would agree this is a well-worn myth.

There are still bills to pay, family commitments to fund and expectations to meet, let alone exceed. Most days it all adds up to one word – pressure. I’m reminded of Janis Joplin’s iconic line,

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Fortunately, in my experience, most successful entrepreneurs are built to last the distance – thriving on pressure, welcoming challenge and ready to take on the world.

Amidst the challenges, here are three things entrepreneurs actually don’t have to worry about. I’m delighted to include some thoughts from Wendy Perry, Managing Director of Workforce BluePrint, thought leader on 21st Century Workforces.


1. Out of the box solutions  

There are a plethora of solutions to our problems today and it’s simply a case of asking the right question, just as you would via Google. In fact, Google is a good analogy for life today:

we have to ask the right question to get the right answers.

Many people start by asking the wrong questions, and then get distracted by those answers. From tomorrow, why not get up every day and ask a good question – one that will point you in the right direction. A great question will always lead to a happy collision with a great solution.


2. Permission to shine

Entrepreneurship is a popular and acceptable career choice today – most people love to see entrepreneurs succeed and grow, especially with the support of a strong network.

Whilst ‘networking’ is a great way to meet new people and find potential opportunities, a ‘network’ is the group of people who work actively to connect and collaborate to further their vision.

One of the best things an entrepreneur can do is identify that network – a community of people that share their experiences. Hubs that provide coworking are a great place to find entrepreneurs who think alike and inspire each other.

Cultivating and nurturing that network, which can offer advice, mentoring and buoy up spirits when the going gets tough, is one of the most profitable pursuits for entrepreneurs.


3. In an uncertain future for work, entrepreneurs will NEVER lose their job, according to Wendy Perry. 

“Whether pursuing your own business idea, becoming an intrapreneur (an entrepreneur for your employer), or pursuing social entrepreneurship that balances profit and purpose, being an entrepreneur is the number 1 job for career resilience.

“This is because entrepreneurs see opportunities. Entrepreneurs solve problems that others can’t and apply their experience, keen mind and skills to current and future challenge – including future jobs.”

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