New appointment to accelerate innovation

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) is home to dozens of Founders of Accelerating Ventures working on ventures that are innovative, disruptive and accelerating fast. Interest in the EIBC’s events and programs is flourishing, with diverse individuals and teams now based on site and more than 2500 Australian and overseas visitor tours every six months.

To meet demand, the EIBC itself needs to scale up and innovate, so we are delighted to welcome Allira Cundy to the new role of Innovation Project Manager.

Regular visitors will recognise Allira as our former EIBCatalyst Program Manager, our bottom up, mentoring program created to take entrepreneurs in accelerating ventures to the next level.

We first connected with Allira when she attended a connecthack event at the EIBC last year. Allira’s enthusiasm, strong project management experience and passion for innovation was infectious, so we approached Allira to join EIBC and help get our EIBCatalyst Program underway.

Allira is passionate about innovation. “The majority of my career has been spent in the corporate environment, but when I completed my Masters in Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship, my passion for innovation just grew,” she said.

“I began working with local startups and mentoring at hackathons, which continued to drive my passion and awareness of how critical innovation is to Australia’s economy. Working at a place that facilitates as well as supports innovation was a natural step for me,” said Allira.

As Innovation Project Manager, Allira will coordinate the expansion of our EIBCatalyst mentoring program as well as drive the continued growth of the EIBC Events program.

To maximise our support for local businesses and start ups, the EIBC is facilitating a 12-month Events program, bringing expert speakers from across Australia to deliver topics relevant to our accelerating ventures and future focused founders.

“The EIBC is unique. It caters to different business types and stages, as well as having a incredible support network both internal and in the wider community,” Allira said.

Allira’s project management experience and keen organisational skills are being put to good use, supporting the EIBC and Danielle with Events program implementation and rolling EIBCatalyst out across  Melbourne’s innovation hubs and co-working spaces.

Allira is passionate about creating more awareness about the EIBC and what it delivers, with a robust program of events and mentoring programs.

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