Could Coworking Change the Future of Your Business?

As a new year gets well underway, have you considered how will you change your work habits in 2018?

If you’re working from a home base, there are multiple challenges when trying to maintain concentration, motivation and professionalism. Working from home seems like the ultimate in freedom, convenience and affordability at the start – but there are plenty of downsides, too, like isolation and the ever-present distractions of that load of washing or leftover breakfast dishes.

Have you considered the benefits of coworking?

Coworking is now an established work style that’s expanding at a rapid rate. At the recent ‘Global Coworking Unconference Conference’ in Melbourne, a Knight Frank presentation on Flexible Workspace, Coworking & The Future revealed that coworking represents 0.6% of total office stock in Australia, with 49% of total coworking spaces being in Melbourne.

Coworking spaces grew 297% between 2013-2017 and now occupy 193,190 square metres across six capital cities and coworking hubs around the world are attracting large corporate clients – IBM, Red Bull, Australia Post.

“Coworking spaces are and will increasingly become an integral part of developing the future employment landscape that is critical for Melbourne to transition away from traditional industries and employment models,” says Robert Stopajnik, Development Director, Integrated Housing and Land, with Development Victoria.

“A factor that is commonly misunderstood or overlooked is the contribution that the coworking model can make to Melbourne in achieving its goal of becoming a 20-minute city and the benefits that comes with this, not just for the city as a whole, but to the immediate environment it sits within.

“Here is a framework that offers so much and one that deserves more attention from both Policy writers and the private sector.”

If you’ve recently experienced any of the following, it might be time to consider coworking.

  • You’re tired of coffee shop-hopping. Frequenting coffee shops to finish projects can be exciting at first but as time goes by, the noise and constant chatter can reduce your focus.
  • You need a venue to host client meetings. Nothing beats meeting a client in person to establish rapport. But you may feel you need a private space to boost the professionalism of your home-based business.
  • You dream of having your own office. Your business is growing and you now have an expanded team working on different arms of your business.
  • You feel isolated and alone. Sure, there’s no annoying work mates or office politics to deal with, but sometimes, you need someone to run an idea by, share success or chat through an issue.

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre is one of the premier destinations for coworking in Melbourne’s East.

Flexibility is key to our offering at EIBC – you can use a workspace for a day, week or a month. Our thriving community offers unlimited opportunities for creative collaboration and networking and engaging with other professionals. We have exceptional facilities and you can expect a warm, friendly welcome.

Why not visit us and take a look around? Call us on 1300 462 822 or email to make an appointment.

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