How are you facing the future – with optimism or fear?

There’s much ado about fear of the future and the invasive nature of technology. Machines replacing people, jobs disappearing and people out of work. The reality is, the human factor – you and I – will always be important and technology will enable us to live fuller, more satisfied lives.

Consider the many ways technology will teach, empower, connect and free us.

Wearable tech will allow us to stay connected to each other – and parents do love being connected to their children and grandchildren.

Monitoring tech will allow us to save resources where we can, and keep our families safe. Already, today, babies in the crib can be safely monitored to prevent tragedy. The Internet of Things is already here. We can monitor our homes from work and eventually, we’ll be able to control almost everything we own from wherever we are. (Imagine controlling the lawnmower from the couch!)

Timesaving tech will mean the end of mundane jobs. Basic ‘life maintenance’ will become easier and less of a burden, allowing us to up-skill (keep our brains active) and keep connected to what is important (conversation, connections and engagement).

Medical tech is moving towards self-management with expert support – a powerful combination resulting in ownership and self-responsibility. We’ll be able to predict hurdles earlier, assisting us to live longer, healthier lives. How wonderful it will be to see disease early, to treat effectively, with better outcomes.

Anyone who chooses can make a difference today. We have access to learning to help us create solutions; we have people throughout the world who are keen to mentor us; we have government agencies that want to empower us; and role models everywhere and anywhere to inspire and motivate.

The future is bright, connected and positive. There’s never been a better time to be alive, heads up and focused forward on the future.


Danielle Storey is the CEO of the Eastern Innovation Business Centre in Mulgrave, Melbourne, Victoria. She is also a co-founder of an international family business, author of The Selfish Servant, professional speaker and has been a mentor to hundreds of businesses throughout Australia.

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre is the home to dozens of FAVs (Founders of Accelerating Ventures) that are working on ventures that are innovative, disruptive and accelerating. The Eastern Innovation Business Centre was created with wide Municipal and State and Federal Government contribution and is a not-for-profit Company with an engaged and inspiring Board, Management and Team. Visit them or call 1300 462 822 for more information to find out how your Venture can thrive there too.

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