The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) exists to;

  • Accelerate the progress of Future-Focused and Innovative Businesses, provide a Professional infrastructure that supports those businesses, and offers similar benefits to other Client groups
  • Assists all businesses/clients to grow and prosper
  • Concurrently creates beneficial Alliances, and
  • Establishes pathways to successful business exit and client outcomes

In so doing, reward will accrue to the Company, Tenants, other Clients, the wider Community and EIBC Supporters.

Consequently, the Company will be financially secure and sustainable.

Meet the Board Directors that makes this possible:

Prof Darrell Mahoney (Chair)

Emeritus Professor Deakin University

Darrell has held many senior positions in higher education including Dean of the highly innovative Bowater Faculty of Business at Deakin University; Chairman, Department of Accounting, David Syme Business School; Director of International Programs and Postgraduate Programs for the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin; and, National Director of the Australian National Business School Ltd.

Darrell has worked with Arthur Andersen & Company and General Motors-Holden. He has acted as a consultant to the Pratt Group, the Bowater Group, Telstra, Cycling Victoria and other organizations. He has undertaken lecture tours in Asia for CPA Australia and training projects in the former Soviet Union for the Australian Ambassador in Moscow. For a decade he ran annually in Malaysia the Asian Intensive School for Advanced Management program for Australian MBA students.

Darrell has written on topics as diverse as international business, corporate planning, management accounting, financial modelling, education, and mental retardation. He was principal author of the award winning text International Business: A Managerial Perspective.

At the community level, Darrell was Chair of the Monash Community Foundation and is a Member of Plan Australia. Darrell is a trustee of the Bowater Trust and is a board member and Treasurer of the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC).

Darrell is an Emeritus Professor at Deakin University.


John Sharkey

Executive Coach, Change Facilitator, Speaker & Author

John Sharkey is a highly skilled change agent, coach and mentor with an outstanding reputation and years of practical experience.

John has successfully assisted hundreds of clients on their quest to become ‘professional human beings’ – he is a true growth engineer for the human heart and mind.

As well as his substantial coaching and change achievements, John is also a highly sought-after business advisor and speaker specialising in the fields of leadership, culture, trust, and change management both within Australia and internationally.

Rounding off his diverse professional repertoire, John is also Vice Chair board director with the Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) a committee member of the established Monash Business Awards (MBA) and long standing member of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce (IACC) along with being a previous City of Monash councillor, all of this enabling him to fulfill his passion for making a positive difference in the community.

EMAIL 0435 005 017

Dr Jeff Chamberlain

Director of Industry Engagement, Department of Management, Deakin Business School

Jeff joined the Board of the Eastern Innovation Business Centre in July 2016. He is an academic with the Deakin Business School (DBS) having transitioned to Deakin University in 2002 after a twenty year industry career. He is particularly passionate about connecting industry with academe – believing this to be the fundamental imperative for any business school. He is presently the Director of Industry Engagement in the Department of Management of the DBS. He has taught mainly post graduate MBA units including Strategic Management, Project Management, IT Strategy and Management, Professional Practice and Electronic Commerce. In 2009, in response to the global financial crisis and a pressing need to change the ways in which business students think, understand and interact, he created and still leads, what has become the very popular and award winning post graduate unit titled Business Process Management which is now integrated with 20 post graduate courses at Deakin University.

When it comes to business schools, Jeff believes that one cannot teach what one has not experienced and he recommends that every academic should accumulate at least 10 years of professional experience before transitioning to academe. Before moving to the university sector, Jeff had worked at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for two decades. First experiencing an array of auditing and management roles, he then elevated to the executive level and was involved in the leadership of national and international online initiatives. A culmination of this was receiving a National Australia Day Council achievement medal for excellence in the delivery of an innovative, hi-tech, Internet centric, multi-national knowledge collaboration project in a partnership between the ATO and the OECD’s Forum on Strategic Management.

Whilst Jeff contends that experience is truly the best teacher, he believes that formal learning and development expedites profound thinking, understanding and interaction. He has earned a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (B.Bus Acc.); Graduate Certificate of Ecommerce (GCECom); Graduate Diploma of Ecommerce (GDECom); Master of Electronic Commerce (MECom); Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE); and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (in Strategy, ICT and Business Process Management). He has also completed the CPA Program and holds the prestigious CPA Australia Professional Accreditation as a Specialist in Information Technology. Jeff is a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA) and of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM) and is a Certified Professional with the Australian Computer Society (MACS CP).

For a nation to prosper economically, socially and environmentally, engendering security for its future generations, Jeff considers that there has never been a better time to concentrate the energies of its thinkers and innovators to create exciting new processes, products and perspectives that improve the ways we experience life. The Eastern Innovation Business Centre is an exemplar vehicle for this.



Tina Manolitsas

Director & Founder, Future Focus Marketing Group

Tina is a Marketing Strategist and Strategic Digital Marketing Adviser to Business leaders and Marketing professionals. She has worked across multiple industry sectors for over 20 years including B2B and B2C audiences across corporate, agency, not-for-profit, government and consultancy environments, producing award-winning results for local and global organisations.


Tina is a professional advisor and confidant to company CEOs, Business leaders, Marketing professionals and a strategic marketing consultant to Agencies. She forms a critical bridge between business leaders, and customers to communicate complex topics with radical clarity.


Tina is an academic and senior lecturer who has taught marketing and business in leading Australian and overseas universities and currently lecturing in digital marketing. She is a published author and advisor to various not-for-profit organisations and small business owners.


Tina is a Board Member of Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC), Women In Supply Chain (WISC), Marketing Strategist for Her Heart Charity and Judge for the Manningham Business Excellence Awards.

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Cr Rebecca Paterson

Councillor Mount Waverley Ward

On 3 November 2016, Rebecca Paterson was elected as Monash’s Mayor. She served as Mayor in 2016/2017.

A 36-year-old mum of three, Rebecca is honoured to lead the community she loves. She was first elected to Council, as a Mount Waverley Ward Councillor, in 2013.

Her priorities include: advocating for youth mental health services, and protecting the liveability of Monash’s neighbourhoods.


Cr Lynnette Saloumi

Councillor Glen Waverley Ward

Lynnette moved to Glen Waverley in 1996. More recently, as the Monash Ratepayers’ spokesperson, she has been advocating for improved accountability, transparency, genuine consultation and collaboration in Council affairs.

Lynnette hopes her empathy with community members at grassroots level – and knowledge gleaned from a substantial career – will assist her in fulfilling her commitment to work in a pragmatic and frugal manner, for all constituents of Monash.

She believes we have no right to squander Council assets or destroy our natural environment for short term gain. She recognises that, as custodians, we should do everything we can to retain open spaces and to combat climate change – for all of us are responsible for the future livability of our cities.

Lynnette welcomes interaction with Monash residents and business operators.

Sunil Jadwani

Founder Kodeworks

Sunil Jadwani joined the EIBC’s Board of Directors in November 2015. He is the founder of Kodeworks, which develops custom software solutions specifically designed to automate and streamline business operations. He also advises small-business owners on their overall Information Technology (IT) strategies.

He trained as an Electronics Engineer and has designed and developed software and electronics for a wide range of applications across several industries, including, banking and financial services, light manufacturing, automated industrial testing, home security and automation, health care, legal, human resources and the not-for-profit sector.

Sunil is evangelical about helping small-business owners maximize their operational efficiency and staff productivity.He advocates an integrated, business-orientated approach to implementing software solutions using the most appropriate and cost-effective technology available.He is particularly attuned to the non-technical aspects of IT implementation and the constraints of time, money and human resources under which small businesses typically operate.

He is confident that the unique business+IT perspective that he brings to the EIBC Board will support effective application of IT within the EIBC as well as the businesses that the EIBC hosts.

Cr Brian Little

Councillor Mount Waverley Ward

Profile to be uploaded shortly.


Danielle Storey

CEO Eastern Innovation Business Centre

Danielle Storey understands communication and customer engagement and succinctly communicates business concepts and the essential attitudes required to grow businesses and teams. She engages all levels of business in the “buzz” of innovation – the framework that Australia, as a region needs to export our expertise and thrive.

“Innovation is not just a buzz word. Australia, as a regional community needs to be founded on businesses, entrepreneurs and people who are at the forefront of best practice, world class processes in people engagement and mind-blowing technology. There has never been a better time to be in business!”

As a business mentor she has professionally advised hundreds of small Australian businesses and start-ups who need simple plans and strategies to grow profits and achieve results for their owners. As a long term business owner, Danielle understand the mindsets and processes that businesses and leaders must implement to create change and success.

She founded and ran, with her family, an international business in a highly competitive space and is a speaker in business/marketing, innovation, sales/customer service and employee engagement. Danielle is a member and Past President (2012/2013) of Professional Speakers Australia (formerly National Speakers Association of Australia) and a published author of The Selfish Servant.

EMAIL 0437 854 723